Need help finding the right board for you?

If you are…

  • A beginner surfer who is still learning the ropes, has only been surfing a few times or still needs some help with catching waves and standing up, check out our Cruiser or Egg range in hard board or SoftPRO.
  • An occasional surfer who used to rip but has put on a few extra pounds or struggles with fitness and catching waves, check out our Bulldozer, Egg, and Cruiser Range.
  • A young surfer who already rips and is looking to take it to the next level, check out the Air Raid of Flare models.
  • A recreational surfer looking to have a good time and catch a lot of waves, check out Cruiser or Egg models.
  • An already competent surfer looking to go shorter and move to a more hi performance board that wont fall apart in a couple of weeks, check out our Flare or Egg range.
  • (More information can be found next to each board to help you choose the correct size for you)