SoftPRO raises the bar to an exciting new level of construction and performance for Soft surfboards.
Our superior construction processes and use of quality materials make for a stronger, performance
orientated Softboard. This enables progressing surfers to feel the same responsiveness as a traditional
fiberglass surfboard but with the comfort and safety of a soft finish.

Fast, Light, Safe, Strong, and Fun.

Why Is Better?

Soft Surfboards are fun to ride, and have changed the safety and comfort level of surfing for people
of all ages and experience levels. However today's Softboards consistently fall apart too easily due
to cheap construction, poor quality plastic parts, and they don't perform in the water.

Benefits of SoftPRO

  • Superior durability due to quality construction and materials
  • Bamboo inlay for extra strength on the deck where most impact occurs
  • EPS Handshaped blank for consistent flex, feel, and performance (no molds)
  • Hard epoxy bottom option to retain performance concaves, rockers, flex and rail execution
  • Soft bottom option ideal for surf schools and rental boards
  • Future Fin boxes (no plastic or metal imitations)
  • Performance Shortboard to Longboard shapes to suit all levels
  • Lightweight construction for speed and performance
  • Quality Soft EVA rubber finish on rails and deck - No wax needed
  • Built-in off-set carry handles on larger models
  • Optional soft or hard fins


  • THE AIR RAID - 5’6, 5’8
  • THE FLARE - 6’0, 6’2
  • THE EGG - 6’4, 6’8, 7’2
  • CRUISER - 6’6, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0
  • BULLDOZER - 6'10, 7'6, 8’4
  • EXTRAS 8'6, 9'0, 9'6, 10’, 11’

SoftPRO Tech